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Actually, if we were to meet in real life I wouldn’t even say Hi. I probably will just smile at you and give an awkward little wave and I’ll be back on my phone or book. But since I can introduce myself by typing, let me tell you a little bit about me.

I’m Hara! My name is not really Amaris but that is my most favorite name and would actually name my firstborn daughter that same name but anyway, nice to meet you! It’s June 6 right now and I’m 24, turning 25 in 12 days! It’s annoying how time passes by so fast and yet, here I am still so allergic to people, lol! So, based on my blog title, “Introverted Biblio”, you could tell that I am an introvert. That’s a huge fact about myself. How did I come to this kind of personality? Well, I never stayed in one country for more than 2 years. Ever since I was a child I was transferred to different schools every 2 years. I never really had longtime friends, only short terms as I had to leave them for another school. Until eventually, I grew tired of actually making an effort to make friends, growing incredibly shy and aloof from people around me as I see them as temporary human beings in my life. That led me to actually distance myself and unable to start a conversation with anyone even if I want to.

So enough of that, more things about me are that I am studying to be a nurse even though my passion is more into…creative kinds of stuff. I love gadgets as well as books. As you know the Asian culture, we tend to follow what our parents want us to do so that’s that. Not that I’m complaining but…just a little *wink*

I am also a Gamer, I grew up playing on the Playstation my dad would always buy me until I grew old enough to use the computer and now I got to build my own from scratch and it was so exciting! But I will talk more about that in the next upcoming blogs.

In this blog, you will know more about me, my hobbies, my struggle with the real world and my passion for books. I was always fond of books until I was hooked onto gaming ever since I got here in the US, but I’m finding my way back into those sweet smelling pages and that excites me more than gaming.

I won’t even expect anyone to actually read any in here but sometimes I just had to let out some of my inner thoughts and being an introvert, I chose to write and speak.

– Amaris

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