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I cried.

I have never felt so alone in this house. I was adopted by my own grandparents and as years went by, everything is getting messed up. I got nothing, not even a hug or a simple greeting. Nothing. I was even called names behind my back after their favorite son washed the dishes even though they knew I was just in the living room and they could have just asked me. But apparently, after they ate, they were lovingly bonding with their talks that they completely forgot I even exist and they went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. Maybe if they actually care maybe they would just call me to wash their dishes as usual because it seems that I have officially become the maid of the house. I am mature enough and understanding to know that it’s natural for me to take care of the house because I’m the youngest and the “woman” of the house but I know other children that even though they are the ones who are in charge of the house, they are still treated like family, like talking to them not brushing them off when they wanted to make a conversation and being told that what they’re saying is complete nonsense and just google it off.

I didn’t even get a Christmas and New Year greeting from them but their son did. Their son didn’t even want to sit next to me. He didn’t even say THANK YOU when I handed him the gift my boyfriend gave him. Like it was NOTHING to him. I was expected to wash the dishes when the New Year countdown was happening and blame me that they didn’t get to watch the Times Square New Year Countdown because their beloved son was washing the dishes and I didn’t. I overheard them say that not to call me for Media Noche dinner and let me eat when I want to but they would call their rich son to eat.

Just who the hell am I in this family?

Apparently not important enough to include in a Family Holiday Dinner.

I’m just trying to stay positive and get through the days so I can finally move out. Way to start the New Year.

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