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Meet The Parents: 2019 Edition

So, my question is, do couples nowadays still believe in meeting each other’s parents?

Yes right? I do hope majority of the people who are reading this, believes in meeting their partner’s parents and not hiding from them. For those underage relationships meaning, early high school couples or even lower grades tend to really hide their relationship which is quite understandable because if that were my kid and she’s 15 and getting into relationships with boys her age or even higher, she’ll be getting a mouthful from me. But, let’s look at the “mature” relationships. Those who take their relationship seriously, where they don’t think that everything is just temporary and just a collection, where you date and collect, bragging to your friends that you dated that person, blah-blah. Anyway, will you believe that my current boyfriend is the FIRST guy that I brought home and met my parents?

Actually, let me rephrase that. He’s the ONLY one who had the guts to talk and meet my parent on his OWN ACCORD.

Hold up, I did have a boyfriend who talked to my dad to court me and went to my home to meet my adoptive mother but it was at a bible study so they didn’t really get to talk and that didn’t happen again so…it was a one time thing. I wasn’t even sure if I asked him to talk to my dad or he did it on his own.

My boyfriend, Christian Louis Rabago talked to my biological father on his own will, without me asking him or forcing him to do so. I was even shocked when he said he wants to talk to my biological dad and ask him first for permission to date me and he wanted to thank my dad for bringing me to this world because he get to meet me and love me. I’ve had 4 exes and all are COWARDS that won’t even send a one sentence message to my parents. Not a single one of them talked or introduced themselves to my parents in the duration of our relationship. Actually, the first two wasn’t really a very serious relationship since I was young and naive and just wanted to feel what is love. But my previous 2, I took those relationships seriously and wanted them, asking them and even begging them to talk to my biological father which was in the same country as them. Guess what they would tell me? “I don’t want to. I’m shy. I’ll wait for you to come here and introduce me to him.”

Like…seriously though? We’ve been dating for years and you won’t even send a message to any of my family members and greet them Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas or something? They didn’t even introduce me to their parents. I was an ONLINE GIRLFRIEND. That’s all I was. I wasn’t worth showing off to their family, I wasn’t worth introducing to their parents even at a video call because probably, they think that our relationship is only temporary and if our relationship really is serious and would last, I HAVE to buy a $1000 plane ticket, go to the Philippines where he is and bring him to my dad and introduce him. But on my end, I would always tell my parents about my boyfriend, what they do, anything everything about them, proudly telling them how good of a boyfriend he is. What I get in return? They would turn off the camera so their parents can’t see me. Nice, huh?

But, like they said, there is someone that will come in your life that will do unexpectable things that you didn’t expect them to do. My current boyfriend, talked to my biological father if he could court me before he asked me if he could date me. He and my dad are closer than me and my dad is. He would greet my dad and they would talk for a long time and my dad even told me “Don’t make him cry!” Then last week, he came here to Pittsburgh, sat down in front of my adoptive parents and chatted with them, introducing him as my boyfriend. Nobody has ever done that for me before. My boyfriend wasn’t afraid, he was ready because in his words, he loves me and he loves those people who raised me because if not for them, he won’t be able to meet me. One thing that really made me so glad and happy is that my current boyfriend is loved by my sister. My sister has ALWAYS hated my previous boyfriends, no matter what I say about them that is nice and sweet, my sister is like, meh I don’t like him. Apparently, she’s got a good eye! Then surprisingly, she loves Christian and is even planning our wedding already. That really really surprised me and makes me so happy because, for the first time, I found a great guy that even my sister loves for me.

Living for 25 years, going through traumatic and stupid relationships until I came to the point that I wanted to give up and just date whoever comes, there came someone who genuinely loves me and not just an online temporary fling, someone who would make ways to be with me even though he’s so busy with work, someone you can see and feel is really sincere in all his promises and sweet words, not just false hope and temporary butterfly in tummy feeling.

It makes me sad that there are memes going on around that meeting the parents of their lover means they genuinely love their partner and that relationship will last forever and people are disagreeing with it. I’m actually glad that my exes didn’t get to meet mine because they aren’t worth showing off to my family after everything they did and showed me. I’m glad that the first man that I brought home is a proper gentleman.

And no, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t HIDE my exes. I tried so hard to make them contact my parents and my dad can confirm that. He even got very angry at one of my previous boyfriends and said that that boyfriend had no manner and had no respect for him. I would always tell stories about those boyfriends to my parents so that they know I am taken so they won’t try to grab someone they want for me. I was the one kept in the dark. They were the ones who didn’t want to meet my parents and they also didn’t want their parents to meet me.

It is important for me that I get to meet his parents and him meeting mine. For me, it’s a gesture of respect for the parents so they can get to know the person who their child is talking to all day, thinking about marrying one day, and not some unknown person who can’t even show their face. The first day when my current boyfriend started courting me, he and my dad talked on the phone and asked for his permission to date me and at the same time, he video called me and he introduced me to his family. That was new to me and at that moment I knew, this guy is the one. I just knew it. I’m glad I experienced all those heartaches and I would go through all those again if I get to meet this guy at the end.

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