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Words don’t do justice on how I can ever say thank you for being part of my life. Emotions are overflowing, I don’t even know where to begin. Ever since I let you become the only guy that I will ever look at and love, you have brought me nothing less than happiness and contentment. You have never failed to meet any expectations that a girl could ever want. Every quotes, every memes I see in Facebook, all that ever comes into my mind is that my boyfriend, my lover, my bestfriend, my everything is not exactly, but more than that. You never failed to take care of me, surprising me by ordering my favorite korean seafood soup and telling me that my food has been delivered on my doorstep, whenever I get migraines or even the slightest pain, you would stop with whatever you are doing and try to comfort me and I could see your genuine worry on your face and I couldn’t help but smile and try to be strong because I don’t want you to be sad whenever I’m in pain. You knew how much I worry whenever you’re out for work and you never fail to let me know whatever you were doing, you knew everything that I like and you never fail to give me gifts that I would treasure for as long as I live. You never fail to help me then and now whenever I needed help and no one could ever do the same thing you would do for me. I don’t want to be of trouble to you so I try to do everything on my own but thank you, for all the love, support, help and patience that you have given me since we became together. You never knew how much you mean to me.

Thank you for not being that kind of guy who would pull me away from my friends because of jealousy and fear that some other guy would snatch me away from you. We always had talks about being “snatched” away and we both knew that that wasn’t true. I can be flirted on but it will be my choice if I will go willingly or choose to stay away from that person. And you will always be my choice, my love. You and you alone. I would be stupid to even think of letting you go. Just thinking that you would be taking care of another girl, the same way you treat me, pain me so much. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have never seen a guy as loving as you. Other people would think that I am overreacting but I prefer they stay that way, as they have no idea what kind of a lover you are for me to be this overwhelmed by you.

I miss you so much and it saddens me that we couldn’t be together on October and probably November and December. There are things you need to focus on and I know that I can’t let you spend money on getting here when there are much more important things to spend your money on right now. I will wait, no matter how long. I will be here, patiently waiting for you. I am all yours, my heart is in your hands and nobody can ever take it away from you. So don’t worry if we can’t be together anytime soon yet, I’ll wait. You are worth waiting for. I feel motivated in everything I do, I feel motivated in finishing college so I can finally be with you and start a whole new life with you and your lovely family. Nothing brings me great joy other than being part of your family and being loved by them especiallay your mother. I have never experienced a loving mother in my life. I do have a strong and fierce mother but I was never hugged nor kissed nor complimented by her but your mother gave that all to me on just the 7 days that I was there. I could never wish for you and them to be separated so I want us all to be together once I move to your place.

My life, you will always be the only one for me. I would show you off to any person I will talk to because you deserve it and you are never the kind to be hidden. The only time I would probably hide you is when another girl tries to flirt with you. I know you won’t but I love you too much to share you to anyone. You are worth it. Every second, every minute, every hour, every day being with you even with just Facetime and chats, is worth it. Every moment with you is worth it. Nothing and no one can ever replace you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for everything.

You are my life now. And my heart is yours. I love you forever and a day, Christian Rabago.

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