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My Real Thoughts About The SOGIE Bill

Yes. I have read the Bill and understood its contents and what it will do for the LGBT community. That means I am not typing all of these just because of posts all over social media saying Yes or No to one of the major concerns in the Philippines today.

There are a lot of things that had me concerned for the LGBT community after what has happened with Gretchen Diez. At first, most of the Netizens sympathizes with the unfortunate event of Ms. Diez being discriminated just because she was using the Women’s public restroom. Even I did. I even posted how it’s not a problem for me if there is a transwoman coming inside the female restroom as it happens even here. But that was my mistake. I experienced it here in the US, not in the Philippines, and knowing how accepting people are in here, I didn’t consider the difference between them and my fellow Filipino countrymen. One thing that I noticed that majorly changed is that a month ago, public posts and videos by LGBT people especially funny ones, are full of positive comments. Nobody bashed them. Nobody discriminated them. Before the issues Gretchen Diez has brought to light, the majority of the Filipinos has been alright with the presence of the LGBT community. But now, any posts or videos with LGBT people on it, comments are full of hate. About 98% of the comments are pure hate, telling all kind of hurtful words against that person and I only see a few comments defending them which mostly are people who have friends and family members who are part of the LGBT community.

Now, if you are sided with the LGBT community, you would say that it’s still wrong to bash them because they’re human too and they’re only fighting for their rights. But have you ever thought why they get so much hate, especially in the Philippines, which unlike here in the US, it’s very rare that Transwomen or any LGBT person gets discriminated? Let me share a few thoughts and possibilities as to why there’s more negative than positive feedback about the issue.

But before I start, this is not addressed to ALL of the LGBT community. There are still people that are not like what I am about to say. There are still well-mannered, kind and reasonable LGBT people who don’t deserve being hated upon because of what Gretchen Diez has done. There are still a lot of them that needs the SOGIE bill because they deserve it to be protected. This is addressed to the other LGBT people who, in harsher words, doesn’t have the right to shout for their rights not to be discriminated.

Now, why are people hating on the LGBT community all of a sudden unlike before where we were at peace with them? Maybe because we were all scared of fighting back whenever we are being discriminated a lot more harshly by LGBTs that we do of them? There are videos and posts from them wishing to molest straight men and young minor children. There are life incidents where straight men are being groped by gay people and my BF even shared his own experience. There are many incidents where LGBTs have crossed the line just because they think it’s alright because that’s what social media is showing them. Take Vice Ganda as an example, he flirts with straight men right in front of our eyes as we watch his shows on the television. The men aren’t able to say no and just laugh at what’s happening, well because it’s entertainment. The problem is, other LGBTs think this is okay and proceeds to do their own flirting. But because it’s discrimination and you might get videoed at this time of era where if you do something that is not desirable by the other person, you would be recorded and posted on social media, only showing one side of the story, thus you getting hated upon.

Before this slips my mind, there is one thing that is now going through my mind if that bill is passed. Unlike before where the people talks, respects and befriends LGBTs genuinely, after all that has happened and the bill being passed on, won’t the people be terrified and becomes too careful with their words and actions towards an LGBT person because they will be afraid of consequences like being fined between 100,000-500,000 pesos or imprisoned between 1 year to 5 years? Won’t establishments become too worried they might get reported because it happens that the LGBT person that want to be hired into their company is unreasonable and decides that the reason they were not hired because of their gender? Won’t gender-based events like Bb Pilipinas get problems if a Transwoman feels discriminated if she wants and feels she’s more qualified than those women who are also auditioning and decides to bash the pageant? Now, wait. Most of you will say, of course, all of those won’t matter. Those people will win in court or in reasoning because they have their own set of rules. Not just because the SOGIE bill has been passed upon, it will give the LGBT rights to push themselves into things they know they cannot get into.

But, what will the consequences be? Yes, the establishments will win because they have done nothing wrong. But, there are damages that will be done on both sides. Like I said a while ago, we are in a time and place where taking videos of people when they do something that we think is wrong is mainstream. If a guy molests me on a public train, my initial thought is to take a picture or video and post it to social media for awareness. Let’s say that happens between an LGBT and another person/establishment. The LGBT takes a picture or video and posts it on social media, with a caption that he/she is being discriminated by that person. Now, Netizens tend to believe everything they see the first time. Naturally, they will empathize with the LGBT and bash the other party. Damage has been done. Without knowing the full story, the other party is now subject to cyberbullying. Then suddenly, a twist in the story. It was then known that the LGBT was lying and he/she was the one who started wrongdoing, so now, netizens will turn against the LGBT. Another damage has been done. For me, this SOGIE bill will give other LGBT people who get into things before thinking about the consequences, the head start and lakas ng loob to try to twist the laws and rules and worse, think they are now superior because they are being given more spotlight than those who deserve more attention.

Again, before I continue, this is only for those LGBT people who are on the wrong side of justice. If you think you are a good person, you are not included so you shouldn’t be offended.

I have read the bill and its basically protecting the LGBT community from being discriminated for their gender identity. This bill protects them from all sorts of abuse in all sorts of environments. But I can’t help but think, buti pa sila kapag binully sila or tinerminate, pwede makulong ng 1-5 years or ma fine ng 100k-500k. Samantalang ang daming babae, lalake, bata, matanda, disabled na araw araw inaabuso, pinagtatawanan, binubully, pinapatay pero walang pumapansin. When there are videos of plus size women, comments are full off Netizens making fun of them and even editing it out with an inserted gif of tsunamis. What about their rights? What about their protection? When there are pictures of children with disabilities and to people, it’s funny because of how that child looked, where are their rights? Are they being protected? What about those women who pass by the streets and being whistled at and harassed with sexual words? Are they being protected? Let’s be real. NO, THEY ARE NOT. Nobody gives a damn. Nobody cares. Because it’s the new normal. If you’re not a celebrity and you don’t have the money to pay for lawyers to fight for your rights, you are no one. All you can do is take all the discrimination, cry yourself to sleep, deactivate your account or worse, commit suicide. Honestly, I admire those plus size people, people with disabilities, children with deficiencies, who would still post in social media, encouraging other people with the same issues as them to be strong and ignore all kinds of discrimination. I have been discriminated myself because of my small chest and skinny stature but I know I cannot do anything about it and they will just tell me “totoo naman eh. Bakit ka umiiyak? Nasasaktan ka? Wala ka naman talagang dede ah” I have experienced so much but no one came to my defense. I stood up for myself. I fought on my own.

Basically, we are all being discriminated and I understand why all those comments are so full of hate. The LGBT was already accepted in the society. But most are demanding for more. They don’t want to be discriminated and want offenders to be brought to justice and this causes other people to be irritated because they were discriminated as well but nobody cared and not suddenly, these people who were already accepted and even defended are being brought to the spotlight and even at the senate. There are LGBT people who loves to bully and discriminate other women who don’t pass their standards, who is the lover of their crush, who isn’t pretty enough for them, who they hate just because. There are LGBT people who harass and pretend to be real women to fool straight men into courting them and ask them to be their lover. Para sakin, may mga LGBT na walang karapatang ipagsigawan ang “rights” nila samantalang hindi nila nirerespeto ang rights ng mga binubully at hinaharass nila.

Also, don’t tell me na hindi lang naman LGBT ang bully at nanghaharass. I know. We are all human being. Pare parehas lang tayo ng structure ng utak, katawan at puso. Nagkakaiba lang tayo sa gender, pagpapalaki ng magulang, paniniwala sa Diyos, pinagaralan sa eskwelahan at pag unawa sa tama at mali. We are talking about WHY there are people against the SOGIE Bill and I am giving a little insight to answer that question based on my observation and experience.

They have their rights and if they want the SOGIE Bill to be passed on to protect them, that’s fine. But, in all honesty, they should also consider WHY there are people who are saying NO to the SOGIE Bill. If a parent thinks it’s wrong that trans women should be in the same restroom with their daughter, it’s because they are protecting their child and it’s their belief that no matter what they have changed or what they identify themselves as they are still what they are born as. LGBTs cannot force devoted Christians if they think it’s a sin to be gay. That’s their belief. If they believe they are what they identify as they have to understand that those people won’t back down from what they believe in as well that being gay is against God’s teachings. They cannot control that. If they are fighting for their belief that they are real women, then they shouldn’t question as to why Christians believe in someone who they don’t see.

Lastly, there are also instances where transwomen wants to be on the same events with real women. Most especially sports and pageants. Maybe most of you will hate me. But IT IS UNFAIR FOR THE REAL WOMEN. For example, I participate in a Volleyball match. All of my team are women but the other team has transwomen members. Can you imagine the FORCE of their spikes that we will be receiving, compared to ours? There was a news where a Transwoman won 1st and 2nd place in a Track and Field with women as her competitors. Are we even surprised why she won? Let’s be real and don’t be such hardheaded person. No matter what you identify yourself with, if you are born a man, your structure will be the same as a straight man. You have bigger bones. You have stronger muscles. You have the natural capabilities so punch someone until they pass out whereas a single punch from a real women won’t even make a face bleed. It is really unfair. I have no idea what should be done with that but for me, transwomen SHOULD NOT be on a Women’s sport events. Next is pageants. Again, it is UNFAIR. Why? Those women have natural beauties. They were born with natural noses, foreheads, chins, cheeks, hair, private parts, and breasts. Transwomen have the money to change their appearance. Since they want to look like a real woman, they will change their face structure because women has a soft and small face structure, they will change their nose because not all men are born with perfect noses, and most importantly, they will have jobs done on their boobs. They will have implants. They will take estrogens. Is that fair to the real women who wants to be in those pageants but can’t because there are already transwomen getting accepted? What’s the result? Happy Transwomen but sad and angry women. Again, dividing the community.

So, what are my real thoughts on the SOGIE Bill?

I am neither. I do believe that it’s only right to protect those people and if it’s the SOGIE Bill that will do that, then that’s fine. But I do believe that passing on that bill, the LGBT community will not earn the genuine trust and love of the community. They will be afraid to talk, move around them or even defend themselves because of that Law because nowadays, there is only one side of the story being brought to light. I understand the reasons of parents, Christians, and other people who are saying No to SOGIE Bill and for some of their reasons, I agree. I do, however, want the LGBT to be protected because I know they also need protection because there are still people who physically and verbally hurt them.

I fear for the other LGBT people who don’t deserve this kind of spotlight as they try their best to blend in and not cause trouble and yet, here we are.

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