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Silent but Deadly

No, I am not someone you should be scared of when you cross the line.

As a child, I was bullied because I was too skinny, dark-skinned and not a pretty child. Even as I grew up, I never was the kind of girl-next-door. I was average, probably below average. It sometimes got to the point, I was bullied for how I looked, physically and mentally. When I got older, I got a little stronger. I fought back. That phase was mostly seen when I was playing an online game where I get into fights with other players and ex-friends.

I loved my friends and I would do anything to protect and fight for them. But, only if we were on the right side of what we need to fight for. If my friends were doing something I know is wrong, I won’t be defending them and instead, either let them fix it on their own or I would try to talk to them to make it right. But if we were being trash talked and backstabbed, stories full of lies, I definitely would fight back. That’s just who I am. I hate liars. I hate bullies. I hate people who would do anything to make up issues just so they would look on their snake skins. I am not a bad person. I try to be good but I am not evil. I have my bad sides, it’s just that you don’t want to get on that side where I would definitely speak up and put you in place. I hate rumors. Tell it to my face. I would probably get upset but if that’s what I’m really doing and it’s wrong, I would definitely fix it up. But don’t go telling around what kind of a person I am in your own description because if it is full of lies, you would hear from me.

But that is my online world. I am fiercer online because well, it’s chatting. In person, I would be really quiet and would try to keep listening to all your dirty words. I won’t suddenly hit you in the face or pull your hair until a handful of strands are dangling between my fingers. I’m not like that. But there is something that I would do that is far better than taking revenge online or bring a bloody dead fish on your doorstep.

I would completely remove you from my life.

Once I hear my name being tainted to God knows what kind of stories, you are no longer part of my life. You are no one. If you invite me to parties, I will never go. I probably would even block you from any methods that you could contact me. I will never talk to you anymore. That is if you keep your pride and think that it’s better that way. If you really value me as a friend or even as a person, come talk to me in person. Tell me how you really feel. Tell me why you would say those words. Tell me if you still want to be someone in my life. But if not, you’re on your own. Yes, I am no one. I am not a celebrity or someone you can get something out of. But I was a friend. I helped you when you needed me. I talked to you when you needed someone to talk to. I was someone. And if I am less than a stranger to you, then so be it.

The online world and the Real World is different. Online friends only last if you guys are talking. If you get into fights with them, sometimes you wouldn’t even bother reconnecting. But being friends in real life, there are precious memories that are a waste to let go of. Be a decent person. Don’t gossip lies. If you want to talk about a person, talk about their achievements. Talk about how that person was a good friend to you. Talk about how you want to see them again and make more memories.

Be matured and stop being such a child. Actually, a child probably knows better than to gossip stupid nonsense kinds of stuff to other kids.

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