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3000 Questions About Myself (11-30)

Continuation of the previous blog post I did that answers the first 10 questions of the writing prompt book which belongs to my boyfriend.

XI. What is the quality you most like in a woman?

A supportive kind of girlfriend or wife. I like women who support their partner on the things that he likes doing like sports, video games and other good hobbies. Of course, there are a lot of exemptions especially if what he’s doing is affecting his lifestyle and relationship badly. I am the kind of girlfriend who doesn’t mind if my boyfriend is into video games because even I myself is a gamer, so I understand the feeling of wanting to play games after an exhausting day or a boring day. As long as he knows he has responsibilities and doesn’t forget that I also need his attention, then it’s all good.

XII. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

Aray (Ouch).

No kidding. I always get hurt whether externally or internally. I always manage to get myself hurt like bumping into corners, hitting my foot on the chair, falling down the stairs, hitting my head on furnitures, cutting my finger and getting bruises. Then internally, I would get random cramps, sudden pain in my heart, asthma attacks from laughing, etc. I’m only 25 years old and yet I have so many pain in my body, sometimes even my knees hurt when it’s cold.


XIII. What or who is the greatest love of your life?

I would say that I have so many, including my current boyfriend and my father but if I have to really choose the greatest of the greatest, it would be my sister, Angela. As children, we had so many fights over the stupidest things from who gets to be Catwoman or who will be Orlando Bloom’s wife. But growing up, I was always the only girl in my family and having a half sister like her, I adored her despite all our differences. She is my one and only sister and I would do anything for her. I never got jealous or envied her beauty, her charming personality or her achievements. I was always proud of her in everything she does because she’s strong and beautiful. I miss her everyday even though we only got a few times in our lifetime so far that we got to be together. I hope one day we could be together in one place so we can see each other all the time.

XIV. When and where were you happiest?

When I finally got to be with the man I love for the first time and whenever we’re together. The last time I was hugged by a lover was 6 years ago before I left for the States. After that, 6 years of long distance relationships with 2 men which only lasted 2 years each. I was scared of getting into a relationship with someone who is in the same country or city as me because I know what love can do. It can lead to intimate relationship and I wasn’t ready for that. I always had it in mind that I will only find a man that I can be with physically when I’m ready to settle and get married. When I let myself fall for my current boyfriend, it was because both of us were ready and knowing him, I knew he was the one. So yeah, I’m happiest whenever I’m with him and I can’t wait to be with him without saying goodbye at the airport and waiting for months before I can finally see him.

XV. Which talent would you most like to have?

Singing. When I was in high school, I could reach high notes but I damaged my own voice by drinking cold water after screaming at a basketball league while cheering for my team and after singing. Now, my voice is only good for church singing and low key songs. I would like to be able to sing like Morisette or even those beautiful voiced singers who sing covers in Youtube. I love singing but unfortunately, it’s not good enough.

XVI. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

My broken self. That’s the only thing that is negative in myself. I’m always pessimistic in my relationships and it affects my current relationship especially when I would get doubts whether my boyfriend will get tired of me or his love for me would change because I’m a boring person and I have trust issues. I wasn’t like this before, I was always happy and never thought that something bad would happen between me and my boyfriend. I would always look forward to everything with a smile but now I always have this fear of being left alone because I feel like I’m not enough.

XVII. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

When my room is finally filled with everything I bought using my own money. Clothes, drawers, bookshelfs, stuffs, everything in my room are all from my hard earned money from working even my gaming computer and Macbook. Even my cat, his food and toys were all from my own wallet although my boyfriend helps me with some stuff. But other than that, I finally got out of asking money from my parents which for me is a great achievement.

XIX. Where would you most like to live?

My dream is to live in places where it has beautiful infrastructures like in Paris and Greece. I like to sit down in front of those places and read a book, enjoying the breathtaking view and cool breeze. But realistically, I would want to be where the love of my life is, as there is nothing more satisfying than to be cuddled up in the arms of the man who would be with you for the rest of your life.

XX. What is your most treasure possession?

My body. Let’s be open minded here okay? For 25 years, I never let any guy touch me inappropriately aside from hugs and holding hands. Whenever one of my exes want to come over to his house to “cuddle”, I already knew what he would mean and I would decline his offer. I took care of it so hard that I got cheated on to have sex with another girl just because I didn’t let something happen between us. So yes, my most treasured possession is my body because I never want my husband to have ideas that my exes has already got in bed with me and touched my body more than I can count.

XXI. What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

Finally building a beautiful family then losing one of my family members to death. That’s why I would always tell my boyfriend to always take care in everything he do and I always fear for my future children that something might happen and I will have to grieve. I’m sorry for thinking that way but that I don’t think I can take it if I lose any of them. I just want to have get married, have kids and die of old age with all my family alive and well.

XXII. What is your favorite occupation?

I may have no passion for the medical field but I admire doctors very much. Their passion to save people’s lives and most especially when they revive dying patients everyday. It’s not easy to keep a person alive but their love for their profession and the things they do makes me happy to have them in this world. Without them, my parents would be gone by now, especially my mother who had multiple stroke attacks but she’s alive and moving right now because of the doctors who helped her.

XXIII. What is your most marked characteristic?

I guess, I’m the type of person who minds my own business. There are so many things happening around me that I don’t get into or pay mind to. Politics, LGBT problems and rumors. As long as it doesn’t involve my name, I don’t really care. I have problems of my own, I don’t really need more adding into it. I do listen and I am aware but getting into it like voicing my opinions about it, I never did unless it’s a positive response. But if most of the time, I really do mind my own business.

XXIV. What do you most value in your friends?

Their ability to stay neutral in any case. I don’t like people who takes sides when they haven’t heard the other side of the story. I like the type of friends that wouldn’t take sides no matter who was in the wrong and would still stay friends with both parties and give advices if needed. I despise those who would stop talking to their friend or backstab one of the two people just because they’re better friends than the other. So far, my friends are in that category so I couldn’t ask for more.

XXV. Who are your favorite writers?

My all time favorite writers are J.K Rowling for her Harry Potter books and Rick Riordan for his Greek and Egypt Mythology books like Percy Jackson. There are other authors that I adore but these two takes the throne.

XXVI. Who is your hero of fiction?

Severus Snape. I never hated Snape. I like bad guys in movies in books because everything they do, they have an interesting backstory. But I never expected Snape’s story. It was beautiful. He was beautiful. Despite his beloved getting married and having a child with the person who bullied him, he continued to love her until his death, even watching over her son despite the hatred drawn to him. I cried at his death and wished he never died as all he did was for Lily Potter. For me, that lovestory tops all the love story I have watched and read. It was about unrequited love and sacrifice even until his death.

XXVII. Which historical figure do you most identify with?

Honestly, I have no idea. I really can’t answer this question because I hate history so I have no knowledge of historical figures and what they have done with their lifetime.

XXVIII. Who are your heroes in real life?

Despite everything that has happened, I cannot think of anyone else being the biggest hero in my life. My grandparents. They took me in after my parents had major issues and I was getting affected as a baby. They raised to be who I am, they may not have taught me well, but if not for them, I may not have what I have right now and I would not be where I am right now. Despite all the differences, I still thank them from the bottom of my heart and them being my heroes will never change.

XXIX. What are your favorite names?

I only have one favorite name, which is Amaris. I learned about that name a year ago and it stuck to me like permanent glue and I’m even determined that my first born daughter will have Amaris in her name, no matter what. It’s a Hebrew name meaning Given by God but there really is something in that name that stuck to me and I can’t see any other name replacing that.

XXX. What is it that you most dislike?

Lies. Liars. I live by the thought that as much as I can, I will not tell lies. If I know that the thing I need to say is a bad thing, instead of saying it, I will just keep it to myself. I hate lying and being lied to. It ruins the sense of trust. Especially when finding out that that person lied about what they said to me, I can’t see them the same way again. For me, if you’re going to tell a lie, don’t bother saying it all. It would just ruin the person you are trying to become.

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