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10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Time to post about stuffs not related to my chaotic emotions and about my blooming lovelife. Since I don’t really tell much about myself other than my depression and problems, I think it would be nice to share about what people doesn’t really know more about myself.

1. I don’t like dogs.

They exhaust me. No seriously, they are so cute and cuddly and happy and a man’s best friend. Like, if you make a survey on which is the best pet ever, like 80% would say dogs. They are the best yes but not for me. They exhaust me because they are so full of energy. I like chilling in my bed or on the sofa with coffee in one hand and a book on the other or scroll through Facebook and Instagram all day. I can last a week without going out so having dogs would require me to take them out for walks. I don’t hate them, and if I really need one I would get myself a Golden Retriever or a Corgi but if I don’t have to, I’ll take a cat.

2. Saliva of other people disgusts me.

I hate saliva of other people getting on my skin or stuffs or drinks. Even baby saliva disgusts me. I find them dirty and I am unsure if they brushed their teeth or they have mouth disease or just the thought of that bodily fluid with unknown bacteria getting on my body cringes me so hard. So yeah, I didn’t kiss anyone in my 25 years of existence. That was until July 5, when I finally kissed the love of my life <3

3. I had more than 10 Ear Piercings…

But all are closed except my lobe and conch piercings. When I was getting depression the first time, instead of self harming myself, I took myself to get piercings instead so the pain would divert to somewhere else. I had 3 forward helix on one ear, tragus, conch, multiple helix and double lobe piercings. Because I didn’t necessarily want them, only that I needed them, I didn’t took care of it properly and kept fiddling with them to the point it would be accidentally get taken off. Eventually I removed them all except the conch piercing and all of them closed up leaving me with my lobe and conch piercings.

4. I was coffee-free until 25 years old.

I never drank coffee growing up because I have always disliked the bitter taste of it despite adding sugar and creamer. As a result of that, whenever I try a cup of it before, I would get migraines and nausea. It was until a month ago that I decided to get caffeine in my body because I was always sleepy, especially now that I prefer reading than playing games. Eventually, my body is used to it although there are times that I would still get nauseous.

5. I have a thing for keyboards.

No. Not a fetish kind of thing. I love collecting them, especially those clicky mechanical keybords. I have a complete collection of the Razer keyboards except the limited editions like the Mercury and Rose Quartz. I also have the office kind of keyboards where it’s not that noisy to type on as well as 2 of the Das keyboards because well, they are really nice to type on. I recently bought the Apple Space Gray magic keyboard even though I have the white version of it. I don’t know why but I just really like collecting them even though I don’t really get to use them all.

6. I wanted to be a Game Designer

Not a nurse. Well, I’m taking up Nursing right now so, any guess why I’m here? I’m asian so yeah, I have to become a nurse. I had no choice because I “owe” my life to them, so I have to obey. Sucks, I know. I really wanted to be a Game Designer or anything related to computer. There is where my passion is but no matter how much I would die to follow my dreams, I can never get there if I’m asian. But oh well, I just want this to be over so I can finally be “free”.

7. I dream of a Date under the Stars

I had cinema dates, movie dates in the internet, restaurant dates, walking around the park or mall dates but the kind of date that I really want is where we are under the stars, watching a movie while sipping wine with stringlights giving us a little bit of light on the dark. *dreamy eyes*

8. I have 7 tattoos.

All has it’s own meanings on what it means and why I chose them. They deserve a post of their own so maybe one of these days I will take pictures of them and explain them.

9. I have never been to a Club/Bar

This is one thing I am proud of myself. I have never ever set foot inside a club or bar. I do drink but only at home and alone. Whenever I imagine myself either sitting there or dancing in the middle of all those drunk people, I get goosebumps and aggressively shake the thought off my head.I would rather stay at home and party to myself or just watch a series in Netflix while munching on some chips.

10. I take relationships too seriously.

Is that a bad thing? When I got here in the United States, my mind started thinking differently. When my 3rd ex became cold and didn’t hesitate to break up with me, I didn’t get into a relationship until after year because I was heartbroken. When I was with my 4th boyfriend, I was stupidly in love. I literally took the saying “Love is Blind” way too seriously. The relationship was so toxic but I stayed, hoping it will change and everything will become better. I made stupid decisions, became broke, got depressed, lost lots of weight but I stayed. I had to break myself first before finally realizing that it has to end. When he broke up with me, I agreed without hesitation and even when he wanted me to get back with him, I didn’t anymore. When I was with my 5th, I also took that seriously and stayed even when I knew it was going to be impossible to be together and we had so many differences that I knew it wouldn’t work. When I broke up with him, I got depressed again and took me a while to accept it. Even when I get hurt from a relationship, I am not the type to close my heart and stay away from getting into a relationship. I take risks. I don’t mind getting hurt and hurt and hurt again, because I know one day, I will find the right person for me. Other people won’t agree with this kind of method, but hey. I found him finally 🙂

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